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Practice Areas

Our Specialties

Notary, Assessment & Representation

With an experienced and dedicated team, our firm is ready to represent clients domestically and internationally. Our degree of commitment, attention to detail, and connection to our clients is seen throughout all of our engagements. We passionately strive for the best possible solution in all your legal matters.

Notarial Services

Sworn Statements or Affidavits

Redact and certify your declarations for legal proceedings.

Last Will and Testament, and Declaration of Heirs

Create the type of deed that ensures a smooth & safe transfer of property-ownership rights.

Power of Attorney

Let us represent you in your important legal matters.

Deeds and Notarial Act

We can create your legal documents and officially certify them.

Civil Marriage

We revise and redact wedding event contracts, you can trust us to help you make that special day problem-free.

Divorce in Notarial Office

Let us ease the burden on this difficult moment, we can redact and notarize your divorce documents.

Foreign notarial document

We create the letter of protocolization that confirms and outlines your assets.

Legal Representation & Assessment​

Banking law

Our firm will make sure that all transactions are met in compliance with bank laws and regulations.


We could help you asses if you might have a valid claim or to help you defend yourself against a claim.

Corporate law

Let us handle your complex state and federal corporate legal proceedings.

Bankruptcy for Creditors

Legal representation for creditors in bankruptcy procedures.

Administrative law

We provide representation before the administrative forums in adjudication as well as regulatory processes.

Labor law

Building the bridge between management and employees.

Law 75

Get the best assistance with protecting your company's interests & dealings on the island.

Arbitration processes

Resolve your differences in a neutral and fair environment for the best outcome.

Government Affairs & Relations

A high degree of experience can make the difference in such cases.

Government of Puerto Rico

Legal representation for Agencies & Public Corporations


Advise on judicial procedures, contracts & negotiations, construction law, among others.

Legislative Affairs

Bill drafting is a complex legal matter, let us represent and guide you through the process.

Successions & Inheritances

We help you manage your assets & successions with your family's specific needs in mind.


Avoid mistakes and stay compliant with the various laws that regulate sweepstakes.

Homeowners Associations

Your neighborhood, livelihood and home are our priority.

Contract law

We aim to create efficient and effective contracts that protect & serve your needs.

Civil Litigation

Complex litigation

Having the right representation when settling a dispute in court makes all the difference.

Appellate, Local & Federal Law

We have ample experience in the Puerto Rico Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court.

Local & Federal General Civil

legal representation in a diverse scope of civil matters at both, local and federal courts.